2D Handheld Barcode Scanner iS900 RII Plus

Product Model:iS900RII Plus
Data type:2D
Reading Mode:CCD
Model : iS900 RII Plus

Read all major 1D and 2D barcode symbols .
Read inverse symbol .
Read DPM symbol .
Read symbol on phone screen .
433MHz ISM frequency band .
Optional: Bluetooth V2.1+EDR, class 2 .
Strong penetrating power for obstacle, up to 200 meters working range (open air) .
Two kinds of wireless network topology, point coordination and distributed coordination, are provided to match different environments, e.g. a place where mass data transmission at short intervals is in need, or mass scanners (up to 2000 pieces) operating simultaneously without disturbing to each other .
Bulit-in self-protected charging circuit .
Reliable safety design with CE, EMC, RoHS, Class 1 laser safety,  Photobiological safety approval .
Lifetime scratch and abrasion resistance as the exit window made by chemically tempered float glass .
Easy firmware upgrade .
Flexible software customization .
Image size: 752 * 480 pixels
Scanning angle: ±60°, ±40°, ±42°(Skew, Pitch, Roll)
Decode capability: 1D:All major 1D barcode symbologies including Gs1 DataBarvariants2D:PDF417,MicroPDF417,QRcode,DataMatrix,Han Xin Code,Aztec Code
Indicator: Visual, Audio
Operating mode: Handheld,
Min. element width 3.5mil
Decoding depth 3.5mil Code128 (9 chars) : 1.5-3.5cm5mil Code39 (20 chars) : 0.8-5.5cm13mil UPC(12 chars) : 0.7-16.5cm6.7mil PDF417(20 chars) : 0.0-7.5cm20mil QR(20 chars) : 0.0-19.5cm
Dimensions: 17.0(H)*7.0(W)*8.3(D)cm
Weight: 222g
Case material: Fire-retardant ABS+TPU
Input voltage: 4.75 VDC – 6.5 VDC
Operating Current: 20mA (standby);2300mA (scanning);160mA(transmitting)
Standby time: Over 7 days
Read per charge: Over 5 hours per charge
Working range: Up to 200 meters (open air)
Radio Link: 430.5~432.0MHz,433.05~434.79MHz with adaptive frequency hopping
Battery: 1,400 mAh Lithium-ion battery
Charge time Fully charged(>80%) in 3.5 hours