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[Label Printer Manufacturer] Prowill is a Professional Label Printer Manufacturer from Taiwan

Label printer manufacturer, Prowill is a professional label printer manufacturer from Taiwan, provide you with a variety of label printerlike thermal label printer (direct) PL-3150, descriptions such as support the two-dimensional bar code printing function (QR CODE), 100MB Ethernet, connection to print more quickly, to avoid losing, 2M FLASH and DRAM memory, 3~5inch/s ultra high print speed, label paper auto position, support Chinese and Korean characte, support peel-off and tear-off modes, compatible with various label softwares, support BMP and PCX images download, support parallel port, serial+USBport, Ethernet port, support printing media width from 16mm to 80mm, support parallel port, serial+USBport, Ethernet port, auto temperature control for durable printing. welcome to us for your inquiry.

[Label Printer Manufacturer] Prowill is a Professional Label Printer Manufacturer from Taiwan 1